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Who We Are

Founder and CEO, Cornelia Shipley started 3C Consulting in 2005 after nearly 20 years working in Corporate America. As a strategist and leadership development expert Cornelia was committed to helping organizations and the individuals who lead them to drive clarity, enhance capability, and build capacity the three things needed most to fuel creativity, innovation and revenue growth.


Cornelia quickly partnered with several colleagues who shared her vision and commitment and passion for developing leaders through innovative experiential development programming.


2021 marks our 15th year empowering leaders to create organizations and employees that thrive. Our boutique firm has associates across the United States and we are proud to deliver our services in both English and Spanish and have worked with clients on four continents including North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia spanning the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.


As a privately held company, which is both majority women and minority owned, we are driven by our values to leave a legacy of innovation in the area of executive and leadership development.

3C Founder & CEO, Cornelia Shipley



3C's Approach


3C Consulting takes a unique approach to cultivating human potential. Many training and development organizations focus on providing more knowledge and information with the thought that better results will follow. We know that what matters most is a designed approach to development that is aligned to the desired outcomes and objectives of the organization.

Our programs are based in systems theory and our unique strategic planning process and development programs are designed to unlock leaders innate confidence and knowledge to create and take designed action that will ultimately lead them to their desired outcome. We leverage the power of your values, processes, culture and people and get them all moving together to create accelerated growth and development of the entire organization.

Our approach has set us apart in the marketplace, and is the reason many of our clients’ rely on our development process to improve their business results. Our experience has taught us that by enhancing the three C’s: Clarity, Capability, and Capacity, organizations are empowered to exceed their organization objectives and desired outcomes.



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3C Consulting was founded in 2005 after nearly 20 years of Corporate America experience from the Company's CEO. We help build capacity in the three things needed most to fuel creativity, innovation and revenue growth.


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