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Solutions That Deliver Mission Critical Results. Our suit of customized development and strategic planning solutions are designed to help you create a path forward for your organization that is designed to achieve peak performance and marketplace leadership. We understand the challenges of executive and leadership development and created a holistic approach to strategic planning.  

Specifically we provide our clients with:


• Strategic Planning Consulting Services
• Executive Development Programing
• Leadership Development Programing
• Coach Training for Leaders and Managers
• Coach Certification for Internal Coaches
• Customized Professional Development Solutions


We look forward to partnering with you to solve your complex organizational development challenges and position you to achieve peak performance in your organization.

Executive Impact Program


This year long intensive program is designed to expand the senior level development process, in conjunction with your personnel management system to prepare senior level leaders and hi-potential managers targeted for executive level management. Developed by Maxine Brown-Davis, retired CDO and VP of Human Resources Procter and Gamble, and Professional and Board Certified Coach (PCC, BCC, ELI-MP) Cornelia Shipley, this program combines development feedback, direct line manager involvement, individual executive coaching, and organization performance expectations along with Energy Leadership™ to enhance the performance and impact of your key executives.


Participants gain critical insight into how key stakeholders view their leadership effectiveness, their ability to lead at the most senior levels, and enhance the key skills necessary for executive success including executive presence, influential leadership, and strategic planning. Participants learn to leverage their core values and principles while maximizing their strengths, in order to achieve their personal best and expand their contribution to the organization’s bottom line performance. To schedule any of our Executive Development programs in your organization please email us or call today at 877-853-5340.

3C Executive Impact
Executive Coaching


Our executive coaching process focuses on helping your executives to understand themselves (self), the environment and culture they are creating (setting), and how they lead the process of getting work done in your organization (system). Our coaches work with your executives one-on-one typically for nine to eighteen months focusing on how the self, system and setting are interacting to create the results your leader and their team are achieving.


Our executive clients are typically at the "top of their game" and are leaders in their respective industries; in addition to holding senior level responsibility in their organization. That said, our executive coaching engagements span a wide array of topics including accelerated development, eliminating performance de-railers and other behavior limiting performance excellence, and elevating the influence and impact of the executive across the marketplace.


Because our clients are typically in mission critical roles in their organizations, we focus this customized development experience on the specific needs of their current and immediate future leadership role in the organization, leading to increased performance excellence and impact. To schedule any of our Executive Development programs in your organization please email us or call today at 877-853-5340.

3C Executive Impact
Executive Group Coaching Programs


We know that executive group coaching supports your senior teams ability to work together, increases trust and collaboration. Typically held in conjunction with our individual executive coaching programs, group coaching provides the unique opportunity to up level the entire team in exponential ways and enhance the groups ability for straight talk, candor, clear communication, accelerated development and most importantly rapid business results.


Our small group executive coaching programs are a powerful way to foster trust and accountability in the organization while increasing your senior leaders ability to effectively coach others. Groups typically meet once or twice monthly for a minimum of 60 minutes to address mission critical issues as a team and resolve current issues and challenges with the support of an external coach.

To schedule any of our Executive Development programs in your organization please email us or call today at 877-853-5340.


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